Brad Hunt (Minnesota Wild):
“Kai’s offseason training is something that has taken my career to a whole new level. Each aspect of our training has been designed to make us an all-round athlete. From a proper warmup to balance drills, to high intensity interval training, Kai realizes the only way the body will adapt is to push us outside our comfort zone. The passion he puts into his system which has been developed over many years is incredible. He brings an attitude that makes us want to give our absolute best each and every time we are in the gym. On top of all of this, Kai teaches us the importance of discipline through mixed martial arts. This is another aspect that Kai brings to his training resume.”

Ty Schultz (KHL, China Olympic Team):
“After a 2 year hiatus from hockey due to injuries, this program was paramount in my recovery and my return to hockey. Thanks to this training regimen and its emphasis on quick twitch muscles, explosiveness and recovery, I’m now stronger and quicker than ever before. I would recommend this program to anyone regardless of their level of hockey. I look forward to my continued work with Kai and striving to become an even more well-rounded athlete.”

Tyler McNeely (Deutsche Elite League 2):
“Working with Kai the last 15 years is the reason I am still playing professional hockey. His training is hockey specific and continues to evolve. His ability to motivate and push an athlete to a level they otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach is second to none.”

Wade MacLeod (Deutsche Elite League 2):
“Kai’s program has changed my life! I was relying on skill alone all through out junior hockey. I met Kai and the rest was history. He got me to next level in my hockey career countlessly; to NCAA to playing professional hockey. He does not just use a static program, he is constantly adapting and modifying his program to stay current in the ever-changing hockey trainingregime. I know I wouldn’t be playing professional hockey without Kai!”

Dustin Mowrey (France):
“Working out with Kai has been game-changing. He has motivated me to push my limits and to achieve my goals every single day. The workout program is tailored to becoming an explosive hockey player and the rigorous training gets me ready to perform at my optimal level and to minimize injuries during the season. Since starting Kai’s program, I have not only gotten quicker, stronger, better balance and more explosive from the hockey specific training but also have gained a stronger mindset necessary to play any sport at a high level. Kai has truly been a catalyst in my career and I am thankful to have him in my corner.”

Cameron Marks (France):
“Working out with Kai has been a revelation for my hockey career. For the past 6 years, he has gone the extra mile to ensure I’m physically ready and mentally prepared for the grind that each season brings. From, his explosive hockey specific workouts, to his mentoring personality, Kai is everything you need and more to take your game to the next level. He single-handedly will transform your physique, confidence, and discipline to provide you with all the tools necessary to gain an extra edge against the opposition. Each year that I prolong my professional hockey career it’s because of one person and that is Kai Heinonen.”

Ben Betcker (Slovakia – Edmonton Oilers Draft Pick):
“Kai is a great motivator, coach and friend. He’ll push you to limits that will challenge you not only physically but mentally as well. The workouts never get easier, and the results speak for themselves.”

Marcus Vela (AHL – San Jose Barracuda):
“I trained with Kia for about six years. He was able to help me achieve my off-season goals by enthusiastically demanding my best effort day in and day out. With his training program, I found myself taking big strides in my off-ice strength and conditioning, which lead to it showing on the ice. I benefited in many ways from my time training with Kia!”

Carlo Finucci (Romania):
“I started working with Kai in Junior when I played in the BCHL. He helped me achieve my goal to get an NCAA scholarship. I continued to work with Kai during my college years and into my professional career. He creates a fun and hardworking environment in the gym and it was a pleasure working with him for all those years!”

Alex Ambrosio (NCAA – Lake Superior State):
“This training program has been an integral part of my success not only as a hockey player, but as a person as well. Training with Kai over the last 8 years has consistently helped take my game to the next level. I have been able to transform my body, mind, and demeanor training with Kai by believing in his process and his methods, which have paid massive dividends towards the progression of my hockey career. The intensity and competitive atmosphere Kai has been able to procure in the gym has translated tremendously for me when competing on the ice, giving me the edge I was looking for before starting the (Extreme Dryland Training) program. Kai’s experience, passion, and constant ability to learn and adapt/implement new techniques to make each and every one of his players the best they can be is something that sets his training system apart from others."

Ben Brar (NCAA – Merrimack):
Kai’s training takes offseason workouts to a whole new level. His combination of high intensity training mixed with explosiveness has really had an impact on my performance on the ice. He will push you to a level that you didn’t even know you had. I would recommend Kai to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level by exceeding their limits off the ice and pushing their boundaries. Just after a few summers I have seen a considerable amount of improvement in my speed and explosiveness in my stride and I will continue to work with him to improve even more.”

Jackson Cressey (Sweden – Hockeyettan):
“I trained with Kai for 3 years. I always looked forward to seeing Kai and the rest of my group. Kai’s dynamic strength hockey training prepared me to play and compete against men. His program is based on designed around explosiveness, allowing players to excel on the ice. I would highly recommend training with Kai for any dedicated hockey players looking to take a big step in their development.”

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